Note: These papers or journals have received cursory reviews but have not obtained standard academic peer review.

News in 2022: An intriguing article, "Solar System Formation's Timeline by NASA is Questioned" is released that explains NASA's consensus of the milestones occurring while our solar system was formed. Many questions are presented that show inconsistency and impossible logic. Different plausible solutions are given to make NASA's timeline fit the new data gathered over the past 20 years from space telescopes and probes. The inquisitive person is allowed to open his mind and consider erasing old paradigms.

An excerpt of the calculations that formed the assumptions and basis for Earth/Moon's creation is presented. These same calculations are found in the book "Searching for Genesis" released in July 2020. The author is hoping to stimulate interest by offering money to students or other persons in academia who can examine these calculations for their assumptions, numerical correctness, and more importantly - for errors in applying the physical laws. More rewards will be given to any talented physicist who can apply computerized numerical simulation to this unique model. Please contact the author at dougettinger@verizon.net for negotiating such rewards. Your time spent will be worthwhile and illuminating. Researching this topic may lead to your own article or thesis. A reviewer that finds an error in the applied physical laws of these calculations will receive $200 for each one that is reported to the author.

News in 2021: An important short paper, "How Did Earth Receive Its Water?" was released in June. Learn the incredible, sudden means of delivery of water from the Outer Solar System. This storyline breaks the paradigm of Earth's water coming from impacting comets and asteroids. Even if certain carbonaceous asteroids have projections of 20% water by weight, there is no reason for them to move inward from their stable long-lasting orbits beyond Mars.

An oceanographer graciously reviewed my paper about the great global flood occurring 11,500 years ago. His major criticism was the missing evidence of the flood in the record of deep seabed cores. I responded with the release of a short paper, "Historical Record of the Sea-Level Fluctuations for the Past 20,000 Years". My chief proposed reason for the missing record is that the flood rose and receded too quickly from a continuing baseline to be detected. I used as my proxy for evidence the data from the Younger Dryas geological period. Enjoy reading this article for the contest of thinking.

New papers have been released to the website in April 2021. A new look at Earth's evolutionary history is given in "The Enigma of Earth's Mega-Continents: and Their Connections to the Evolution of Life." The geological mysteries of continental drift, granitic continental crusts, the "Granite Problem," and the Great Unconformity are explained and possibly resolved.

A Paradigm of NASA's Giant Impact Is Constantly Shifting and Confusing: Initially after abandoning the leading theories of how the Moon was formed: capture, co-formation, or fission, NASA adopted the Giant Impact Hypothesis in the mid-1970s hopefully corroborating the Apollo program data. A moon-sized body struck the Earth obliquely and the vaporized ejecta formed a ring that coalesced into the Moon. In the early 2000s, the 5-hour day on Earth resulting from this collision was resolved by Earth's transferring its angular momentum to the Moon that was forced outward to slow the Earth-day to 24 hours.

However, the "isotopic crisis" where lunar samples show almost identical isotopes of those found on Earth contradicted the idea of the involvement of two independent celestial bodies. A quick fix was utilized called the "equilibration model" that predicted that the vaporized portions became thoroughly mixed. This model of mixing unrealistically takes too long before the debris disk forms around the Earth.

Then another idea was hatched, a major paradigm shift, where the impactor hit the Earth head-on vaporizing both mantles that escaped some beyond the Roche Limit forming the Moon and material below the limit falling back to Earth. And the iron core of the impactor joined Earth's inner core. By desperately reaching for straws from 2004 to 2021, other serious issues arose. Where did the present Moon obtain its core, although believed to be small? Why didn't any of the previous differentiation of volatiles on Earth such as water, ammonia, and carbon dioxide boil away? Where did Earth's water come from? And if there was no oblique impact, how is the Earth/Moon system's anomalously high angular momentum explained? How can the Earth's spin axis, the Moon's orbital plane, and the ecliptic plane, although understandably not equal, be in close enough alignment?

If your interested has been piqued, please review the recently posted small paper "Manipulation of the Giant Impact Hypothesis Still Fails to Explain the Earth/Moon System."

News in 2020: The author's most recent book release, published July 25, 2020, is Searching for Genesis (eBook format for $2.99 and printed format for $63.99).

The book combines many articles found on his website but principally focuses on the topic of the Earth's Metamorphosis (EMM) Hypothesis addressing the Moon enigma with its specific website link of www.ettingerjournals.com/dbe_emm.shtml. The book's main categories of interest are: Nonfiction, Science & Nature, Physics/Astrophysics, and Astronomy.

This new book follows the search for the real truth or the modern scientific version about the Genesis story in the Judeo-Christian Bible. How did the Earth and Moon form? Will the Sun, Moon, and Earth gods keep giving us a peaceful geologic surface, tolerable weather, constant climate, and stable sea level? Do we live in a pristine, unchanging solar system?

News in 2019: The author has self-published two books in both eBook and printed format. They are The Great Deluge: Fact or Fiction? (eBook format and printed format) and The Great Deluge: Fact or Fiction? Companion Book (eBook format).

A second printed book has been recently released: Mankind's Chaotic and Mysterious Past (eBook format and printed format for $29.99)

The eBooks are $2.99 or less. Please enjoy these ground-breaking, thought-provoking non-fiction books that reveal cyclic catastrophism in mankind's history using a scientific basis.

These journals and hypotheses will trace from the birth of the Earth-Moon system backward through the formation of the solar (any star) system, the creation of the varied celestial bodies, and galaxy evolution to the Big Bang. Our existence not only depends on materials produced inside stars, but also the processes for the aggregation of these materials into objects supporting liquids and solid surfaces for living organisms to make a home. A congruent storyline is provided that connects all the dots and explains why we precariously exist.

The newest journals released in 2017 continue the thinking of mankind's precarious existence. These new papers, "The Great Deluge: Fact or Fiction?" and "A Brief History of Mankind's Chaotic Past," explore the evidence that indicates cyclic catastrophism occurring not only on Earth but on the other celestial bodies of the solar system. The Sun's orbiting sister dwarf star, Nemesis, and its effect on Earth are explained. The most recent major catastrophe caused by the returning Nemesis is the Great Deluge and its attending Holocene Extinction Event of 11,500 years BP. Very detailed and numerous forensics, and man's worldwide verbal and written record are presented as proof.

Budding scientists looking for a thesis topic, computer programmers looking for a likely model to simulate, NASA scientists searching for the next project for their space telescopes and probes, and professors needing a new study for funding please consider these newly presented hypotheses. The author will be overjoyed to gather a team of collaborators. Please contact the author for discussions and suggestions for model simulations or laboratory experiments. The basic ideas presented in these journals are copyrighted, but need not constrain interested parties from making improvements, corrections, and expanding proofs and supporting evidence.