The original listed resource in 2013 have been greatly expanded. These expanded resources are listed below and compiled into helpful categories for the reader's convenience. More specific references are cited and given in the end notes of each journal.

Original Resources - 2013

The listed resources for these journals are certainly not all inclusive. Many scientific texts have been read since the mid-80s, some that are now rather outdated. Specific references are found in the footnotes of each journal.

  1. Isaac Asimov and his numerous books written about the different disciplines in the sciences. Specifically see Asimov on Astronomy, 1975.
  2. Great Courses by the Teaching Company: Various lecture series of college courses given by well known university professors and presented on tapes and/or DVD's.
  3. "Science News", "Scientific American", "Sky and Telescope", and "Astronomy" magazines.
  4. NASA website that includes NASA's News, Missions, and Multimedia.
  5. Astronomy Picture of the Day; ; a service of ASD at NASA / GSFC & Michigan Tech. U.
  6. NASA APOD website presenting Starship Asterisk* which is an APOD and General Astronomy Discussion Forum. (also, used for debating issues)
  7. Physics Forum website which is a discussion forum for any topic in the physics world.
  8. My amazing, unbelievable, personal traveling library without equal: the Google search engine and Wikipedia.

Resources - 2019

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